Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Watched Evil Dead..... Now I Can't Sleep

Worse mistake I've made? Going to watch a scary film late at night and then hoping to get to sleep after it. My mind is buzzing with the over stimlation of nerves.
Now I rreeeallllly wasn't interested in going watching the remake of a cult classic (many of you know how I feel about Carrie) but the advert kinda got me intrigued, yes I admit I was hooked in by an advert, the shame.
It wasn't going to be an exact replica, which I'm quite glad about as in my eyes no one could ever play Ash other than the wonder-chin Bruce Campbell, but there are elegant nods to the original as well as some humour laced terror moments that made the original so iconic. (Original film fans look out for Ash's 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88)
There is also some logic throughout the film, as we all know from the reveal-horror "Cabin in the Woods"most horrors start with the location; some remote cabin in the middle of god-damn no-where with seemingly no reason to be there at all. Let me put it this way, if my friends asked if I wanted to go to a cabin in the middle of the woods with no-one else around and it looked as creepy and horrid as they always do.... well I'm afraid I'd have to slap them fucking silly.
Evil Dead however gives us a reason to be there; one of the characters is trying to kick a drug habit and is attempting to go cold turkey, using the cabin's remote location as a reason not to be able to just walk down the street and score. It also keeps the characters in the location as they all vow to help the drug-kicking addict get through the ordeal no matter how weird they get... or possessed.... or how many threats on their lives she makes......
Yeah I don't think I'm a good friend. I would have totally left ages ago.....

The only thing that bugged me was at times the dialogue was exceedingly over dramatic and at other times stupidly long (I say this because I was talking to myself "WHAT are you DOING?? That thing is gonna come and get you by the time you've finished your big ass speech about nothing"
EDIT: I have aso realised that the creepy "song" that is sung in the trailer by the main deadite character did not appear in the movie. I am a bit disappointed with this as I absolutely HATE it when adverts show things that don't happen in the film, BUT I am rather glad as I would possibly be humming/singing it for days creeping myself and Louis out.

I have to say the special effects and the makeup was absolutely astounding. I was so impressed with the outcome of the deadite versions of the characters that I don't think I could put a picture up on Glipho as it would freak me out looking at it for too long. Please see the wonderful selection on google- just don't stare too long, it gets creepy.

Jane Levy (actress from Suburgatory) performs with perfection in this film, I'm rather glad she replaced Lily Collins as she is not only believable, she's damn well scary as hell!

All in all I really enjoyed the remake which came as a nice surprise, it has classy homages to the 1981 version without being overly hammy. A brilliant scare, good to get the blood pumping. The original will forever be in my heart though.

Oh and friends if any of you do manage to take me to a cabin in the woods and start reading latin from a book which clearly warns you not to..... I'm killing you first

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