Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Homemade Nandos & A Girly Night In

Okay. So Mr Wise has abandoned me this weekend, he has gone to a gig in Sheffield and will be staying overnight (it's a birthday treat from his mates) so what better than to have a girl's night with my lovely sisters??
Now the first thing that was on my mind (and always on my mind) was food. What do I make? Do we order a take-away and just be semi-happy with it? Or do I cook? Or do we go out? Now me and my sisters have a love for a bit of the peri peri chicken(piri piri if you don't like it spelt the other way)and with the nearest Nandos being in Bury and my need for the comfort of pj's I decided I'd have a pop at making my own.
Firstly I made the marinade for the chicken, you need;
  • Handful of chillis, chopped
  • Red bell pepper, chopped
  • Spoonful of smoked paprika (I used hot because I like it a i bit spicier)
  • 2-3 of cloves of garlic
  • Juice of one lemon
  • Glug of olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste
Once everything is chopped give it a whizz in a food processor or pop it in a bowl and use a handheld food whizzer(yes this is what I call mine.....)
Once that is done bring your chicken to the party. I bought chicken legs with the thigh still on it as I find these piece of the chicken are the most tender and are great for holding strong flavouring. But you can choose whatever piece suits you, you can even section a whole chicken if your heart desires....... I however....couldn't be bothered hacking at a chicken..... and that's the honest truth.
So you need to slash the skin on your chicken pieces so the lovely spices can really get in there and massage your chicken with the marinade. Work that tension in the thigh, leave your chicken relaxed and zen-like in the fridge for a few hours (or even better overnight) before you chuck him in the sauna.... oven at 200c for 40-50 minutes.
Towards the end of the cooking time I put the oven on full whack to get some cripsy, chargrilled knarly bits on the chicken - SUPER!
With our home-made Nandos we had creamy mash, garlic bread and corn on the cob.
Our dessert of the night was Chocolate Coconut Pie with vanilla cream. I found the recipe right here on Glipho by the lovely The Goldlen Cookbook
Our cocktail of the night was a Hawaiian Sea Breeze; Mix vodka with cranberry juice & pineapple juice. Serve with ice and a wedge of lime - delicious!
Game of the night was UNO; I am hated by most of my friends and family by my ability to win at every single game. I'm just lucky!!!

Best moment of the night was spending time with my awesome sisters!!!

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