Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Chocolate Happiness (and a dash of peanut butter)

As a lady I do like a nibble of a chocolately delight. It's a massive stereotype that only us women are chocolate fiends, I myself believed this little myth until I met Louis. 

Louis is a chocolate MONSTER. Louis craves chocolate more than a hormonal women who has had a bad day. At least once a week I hear from him "I want.... CHOCOLATE" and my friends that may be hard for a 22 year old manly man to admit.

So it was absolutely perfect that my Mother-In-Law (to be)mentioned that there was chocolate festival in Ramsbottom. Excellent! The weather was absolutely shockingly freezing but it didn't discourage us.
We were... well... like kids in a candy shop.. I mean come on.... It's CHOCOLATE. Not just any chocolate. SPECIALITY CHOCOLATE.

After going around nibbling to our hearts content I bought some absolutely delectable peanut butter chocolate.
I mean COME ON. What else was a self confessed peanut butter addict to buy? I couldn't help it. I needed a fix, don't look at me like that. It was delicious and I regret NOTHING. I thoroughly loved the creamy chocolatey taste and the  salty sweet hit of peanut butter that seemed to last an age in your mouth. Heaven on earth!
I was really impressed with the presentation of some of the stalls - it was quite ingenious and I would possibly go as far as to say I would borrow that idea for presenting some of my own wares the next fair I participate in.
I mean how cute are these? Cupcakes in flower pots and presented in a little miniature greenhouse?? My heart cried out!
One of the absolute highlights was discovering Pure Origin Chocolate handcrafted chocolate bars that are flavoured by nothing more that the single origin cacao. It's like wine tasting but with chocolate (and a bit more delicious)
The lovely lady at the stall let us try the whole range starting at the 40% Venezuela chocolate (tasted like hazelnut) to the 85% Columbia chocolate (tasted like cherries). We ended up purchasing the 70% Columbia chocolate - it didn't leave your mouth dry like alot of dark chocolate but it also tasted quite fresh and fruity, I could swear I tasted mango.
The flavour comes directly from the cacao and it's origin - how beautiful is that?

No Drama xxx

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