Thursday, 28 February 2013

World Book Day- a little plea from me

World Book Day is coming up. Celebrated mainly in schools, this day is dedicated to all things literature and stories that capture the imagination.

I LOVE reading, like seriously adore it, I will read anything from a graphic novel/comic books to a Dickens classic - its beautiful. So it's sad to think that alot of people do not read anymore like they used to when they were kids so I am trying a little campaign.

On 7th March (World Book Day) tweet me, facebook me, comment, tag me in a post with a book you are reading/recently read, where you are in the world and your all time favourite book/author. Three little things to do next Thursday, not too much to ask?


I want this tweeted, re-tweeted & re-re-tweeted. If I can a response from all 100+ of my followers on Glipho and Twitter I would be extremely grateful & you will make a 23 year old book worm very very happy.

If Natalie Portman doesn't persuade you to take part, I don't know what will.

No Drama xxx

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