Thursday, 28 February 2013

Wholesome Honest Eating- A Post-Christmas Blog

Hellooooooo are you on a Christmas Come-Down? I was last week when I unceremoniously stripped the Christmas Tree bare and shoved him into a box with all of its trinkets, baubles and beads for 11 months until the festive period arises again.
Although how cute does my "fireplace" look with its handmade stockings?
I'm feeling a bit more refreshed this week, ready for a new year and excited for the months ahead to come.
I had my sisters over for Christmas Eve where we played games, drank wine, made mince pies and watched films until the early hours of the morning. We woke early (I got everybody up because I was giddy) my sisters opened their presents and we went to my parents to open more present and have bacon barms and hot coffee. We spent the big day at my Mother in Laws (Julie). After exchanging presents I cooked Christmas Dinner; Julie and Louis were my assistants (I even got a "Yes Chef" from them at one point!!)

After this glorious meal it was safe to say we were stuffed and the weeks after we didn't feel like having anything too rich 1. We are trying to lose a bit of weight and eat healthier (when I say we I mean me) 2. If I see anything else with bacon I might die. Seriously we had bacon barms for Christmas breakfast, bacon lardons with cabbage and chestnuts and the bacon from the top of the turkey was shredded and put into the gravy (I think I went bacon mad for the day!)
So the following are a few healthy meals that we have had the past weeks.

Homemade Texan Burgers with sweet potato and maris piper "chips". I flavoured the mince with some cajun spices, chopped onion and some smoked paprika, these were then baked in the oven and a slice of low fat cheese was thrown at them in the last few minutes. The "chips" were baked in the oven for about 25mins with a dash of olive oil and some crushed cloves of garlic. I put the burgers on granary barms with shredded iceburg lettuce and red onion. Delish!

Thai Turkey cakes with noodles and beansprouts. Turkey mince is kind of ignored in cooking which is a shame as it is light, low in fat, much cheaper than beef and allows herbs and spices to sing. I wouldn't recommend eating turkey mince without good flavourings with some strength as turkey is rather bland, and bland food makes my tastebuds collapse into themselves, my tongue self combusts and my head turns into a black hole.
I flavoured the turkey mince with fresh chilli, fresh coriander, fresh ginger, a squeeze of lime and chinese five spices. After rolling into patties I sealed the sides in a frying pan and then baked them in a preheated oven. I made a stirfry sauce with soy sauce, a dash of fish sauce, ginger, coriander, the remainder of the lime and a squeeze of honey. When the turkey cakes are done cook the beansprouts, rice noodles and some chopped spring onions in a large frying pan (or wok) with a touch of sesame oil (light olive oil if you don't have any), add the stir fry sauce and simmer until the noodles are soft. When plating up add some fresh coriander to the top.

Last Friday Louis wasn't feeling to well and requested some comfort food. This is where losing weight in my house is a problem, if Louis wants something I am more than happy to deliver because that makes me happy and I like cheering him up. We very much use food as comfort in our house, there is nothing better than coming home after a rubbish day and sitting with a bowlful of cheesy mash with a touch of mustard powder YUM (I WANT cheesy mash now. DAMMIT!) So my solution was to make a healthy chicken casserole with some dumplings to apease Louis comfort and I would only have either one dumpling or none at all.

See it CAN be done. Would you try any of these recipes? How are you doing after the festive binge?

P.S. The baby pictures above the fireplace are of me and Louis. Guess which one is which?

No Drama xx

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