Thursday, 28 February 2013

When did Geek become Chic?

Ok so I have a confession I am a Girl Gamer, I, SamWise, actually enjoy playing video games.

There's some negativity around girl gamers, mostly because of the current fad of appearing to be "geeky". You know what I'm talking about.... sexy pictures of ladies holding up World of Warcraft packages declaring "OMG, I'm such a GEEK". Personally I HATE the word geek, it was said with such harsh force towards me as a teenager in high school that I brushed it out of my vocabulary, but now to see the same high school "buddies" wearing Pacman shirts and false glasses proclaiming themselves as "Geek" not only angers me but baffles me. What fresh hell is this? Shows like the "Big Bang Theory" gave "geeks" some credit, some cool edge and about time if you ask me. Why are people singled out for wanting to get on with their work and being clever? But this "geek-chic" became too popular, so much so that the people that would afflict the hatred on to "geeks" became "geeky" themselves. Confused, yes, me too.

It seems like society is doing several turn arounds like this. All Fall fashion had been very gothic, crosses everywhere, black lace, velvet, dark make-up. Perfect for my 14 year old self, the same clothes that are fashionable now, singled me out as a teenager and made me a bullying target. Its the same with the "geeks" thing, I wear glasses to see. Do you? No didn't think so.
There is a slight bitterness tone to the beginning of this post as I had such a horrid time in high school, because I was different, because I was bigger, because I was clever, because I didn't want to fit in with the rockport wearing, pineapple hairdo, "popular" pricks. But I won't let the bitterness rule me though as it did when I was a teenager and I was rather a depressed child and this lead to self-harm. If only some of the people who said horrid things to me could have seen the REAL affect it had on me. I'd like to think they would be ashamed.
But that is the past and I believe karma will serve its justice one day.

Anyhoo, back to the games....

I'd like to say that I never enjoyed playing video games and blame it on my partner, but alas, this is not so. Ever since I was young I loved going apeshit beating the crap out of people on Street Fighter on SEGA and when my big brother came to whine at me for going on it all the time I'd manage to persuade him to play Super Mario on 2 player with me (I had to be Luigi to sweeten the deal), then my parents bought me a Gameboy. Man, I loved that freaking thing, the worst memory I have though was whilst we were on a car journey to Wales and the batteries died, I sulked the rest of the way there.

Then game consoles evolved and we were the proud owners of a Playstation. I was so happy. Me and my brother would play Smackdown together either fighting against each other, in a tag team or participating in a Royal Rumble. Nine times out of ten I would win, not because I had some special skills, but because I was unashamedly a button basher. I rather enjoyed playing Harry Potter games on the playstation as well as Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Tomb Raider but my favourite was Croc - legend of the Gobbos. I loved those little cute furry bastards and I would save every one of them over and over again if I could.

Then we got a playstation 2 and I basically spent all of my time playing the many, many, many different versions of Guitar Hero. Then I met Louis and all my time was spent with him being young and happy. Playstation then released PS3 which my parents never got, but they bought a Wii, which I have yet to really, really like.
I had never even touched an XBox until me and Louis moved in together in May 2011, and I must say it was hilarious, I couldn't use it at all. I kept using the wrong toggles and I would end up looking at the floor or at the sky, but I gradually got the hang of it, so much so that Louis decided I was ready to co-op with him.
We worked through all of the Gears games, Portal, Mortal Kombat, Tekken 6, Left for Dead 1 & 2, Fear 3 and War in the North (War in the North is fucking epic by the way!). I then started exploring on my own with Skyrim, Oblivion and then Bioshock came into my life.

It was dark it was gritty, and it was full of suspense. I LOVED IT. Set in 1960, the game puts the player in the role of a plane crash survivor named Jack, who must explore the underwater city of Rapture, and survive attacks by the mutated beings and mechanical drones that populate it. As soon as I completed it I rushed out and got myself a copy of the sequel Bioshock 2 and ever since completing that I have been itching to get my hands on the next installment. Bioshock Infinite was due to be release in October this year, but the company said they wanted to be 100% happy with the game and it was either realease it and have something not to their standards or move the release date back and having something amazing when it is finished. It's a bitter-sweet decision but if it benefits the experience I'm all for it! So I shall be waiting patiently for March 29, 2013.
I might ask Louis if I can have the Special Edition....

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