Thursday, 28 February 2013

Inspiration and Motivation

Some days you feel the need to work out, you have a focus, a purpose and the determination to get your butt up and exercise.... but sometimes you have days where you want to hide in a dark room in your pj's surrounded by every naughty food man can sum up and cry with joy as you eat a years worth of calories in one sitting... how-ever wrong and sexy that may sound....

So some days I need inspiration to motivate me to get up and going. My usual motivations do not come in the usual form of inspirational quotes, some of them are brilliant, but part of my brain goes "Yeah okay, I hear what you're saying.....have a cookieeeeee". My version of inspiration comes in the form of humour and an idea that really gets me thinking. Such as;

This gets me laughing and then the thoughts come crashing "What if there WAS a Zombie Apocalypse?" "Oh dear god, I'd be fucked!" Cue sports bra being snapped on and off on a run I go.
May I point out that I do wear other things besides a sports bra, but it's the first thing I think of when preparing for exercising. Forget the trainers, I gotta protect my goods.

Speaking of "goods" my other form of inspiration comes in the form of (in my mind) a gorgeous lady, Kat Dennings.

She is beautifully shapely and has a stomach to envy, she is fit but without losing any of her curvage (which may be an impossibility for some of us....)
She is currently my motivation for kicking my ass at the gym, I want to be healthy, I want to be happy and I want to look this amazing....

I'm on my way though... I have lost over a stone now since my last epiphany, which I am super proud of. I have become an expert at the plank and can now manage 5 press-ups boy-style. I have a way to go, but my Gym Playlist on my ipod and Kat Dennings keep me going.

What are your inspirations in your life?? Is there anyone you look up to?

No Drama, flex those muscles!

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