Thursday, 28 February 2013

A pinch of spontaneity

When I'm out in Manchester and we decide to have lunch/dinner out I never like to go to the same place everytime if I can avoid it. I love the experience of trying new things, seeing new decor and looking at new menus. Sometimes this is a magical experience and you find a gem that you can recommend to all your friends, or an abismal place that you swear you will never go to again.

So walking through the streets of Manchester blissfully happy that it was the weekend and blindly stumbling through the Northern Quarter following our noses as to what delights we could find, and like an oasis we came across Dough; a classy, modern looking joint with a tempting aroma.
Dough is a pizzeria, if you couldn't guess from the name, and works on the premises of selling the classic pizza but with a base that kicks ass and a variety of endless pizza toppings and combinations.
Because we were S...T...A..R..V...I..N...G we decided to have a little nibble and chose Dough to Dip- Which consisted of eight dough sticks with hummus, sweet chilli sauce, pesto, oil & balsamic and garlic butter. OH MY GOSH, they were heavenly! I meant to take a picture but bloody tough because they were too delicious so nerrrr! I was so happy I could have kissed the waiter who brought them over (he was a bit of a dish aswell....bonus)

So after we demolished the dough sticks we had the choice of what pizza to have. Seriously the combinations and toppings they had were out of the flipping world. From Morrocan ; Tender spiced lamb, red onions, dried apricots, mozzarella, our tomato sauce, fresh mint and topped with honey yoghurt TO Jamacian - A rum infused HOT jerk sauce with chicken, bacon, peppers, spring onions, black eyed beans and mozzarella.


I opted for the Smoked Chicken - Smoked chicken with smoked cheese, spinach, mozzarella, pine nuts and our tomato sauce.

Beautiful isn't it?
Louis chose the Breakfast Pizza - Mozzarella, our tomato sauce with oven roasted crispy bacon, sausage, mushrooms, free range egg and a sprinkle of chives.

Which also looked delicious...

The pizzas were fresh and hot and the combination of flavours worked so beautifully that I left feeling extremely satisfied. Where we were sat we got to see the whole process of the Dough kitchen staff making each individual pizza which such loving attention that it seemed almost a shame to eat them.


I definitely recommend to take a peek at this joint if you're in the area, but bring me back a dough stick?? I'd be your best friend forever!

Full to the brim and no drama xxx

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