Thursday, 2 August 2012

Southern Eleven, Manchester

I'm catching up on my reviews!! I've eaten out a few times and I've only just had a spare minute to give them write ups. This review is about the new, shiny, hot spot on Spinningfields in Manchester- Southern Eleven. A bustling restaurant producing superb quality "home cooking" inspired from South America in a cosmopolitan area of Manchester.

Now me and my partner Louis have a deal, we have a date night once a month and on that night we eat at a new restaurant. This month it was my turn and with a hankering for American BBQ (we watch wayyyyy too much Man V Food) I pulled up the Southern Eleven website and my decision was clear. These guys put so much love into their food they even have Oklahoman wood smokers giving an authentic hickory smoked flavour (if ya gonna do it, do it right!) and the SMELL when you walk in?? I wish it could be bottled- it left my partner in a state of euphoria. His expression was thanking me eternally for choosing this restaurant.

Southern Eleven is on Hardman Street right next to a gym- the people going to that gym need medals or something as there would be no way I'd spend money on a gym membership with the intoxicating aromas from S11.

Anyway down to the food. For starters Louis and I shared a platter of hickory smoked chicken wings(pictured)- now usually I really do not like chicken wings, I find them fatty and a bit slimy. These however were tender, plump, crispy skin and infused with deep rich spices and a sweet sticky sauce. Eating them was a hilarious event in itself as the only way is to dig in with your fingers and get sauce all over your face- the waiter had provided us with a finger bowl and a good handful of paper napkins, he had clearly seen Operation Chicken Wings full force several times and was now an expert in preparation for defeating these delicious, messy mammoths.

On to main, where to be honest I was already struggling after shared victory over the wings (we had also ordered milkshakes- hands down best milkshake I've ever had but possibly not the best drink when dealing with belly-filling BBQ) I had chosen the BBQ glazed chicken with whipped potatoes and BBQ sauce and Louis had chosen the Southern Tasting Platter which consisted of - 18 hour smoked pulled pork, beef brisket, short ribs and skinny fries(pictured). Now when Louis platter came I actually squealed (me? Squealed!?!) in delight. His food was beautifully arranged on a wooden platter and in a little pot was BBQ glaze and a little brush to apply glaze where-ever he wished and his skinny fries came in a little copper bucket.. I thought it was so clever and a beautifully sophisticated twist on the home cooking of the south(and I also thought it was twee and adorable but that's just me). My dish came in a skillet the same as the wings and was still sizzling long after the waiter had gone. That first bite of my chicken was heavenly, the crisp of the skin, the deep heady scent of the hickory smoke, the juicy, tender meat and the combination of flavours was absolute perfection and don't get me started on the potatoes. I was ready for marrying the chef and when Louis asked me how my dish was my reply was what only could be described as the mating call of a moose.

Unfortunately we could not eat all of the food. I was extremely full to the point of I would be sick if startled; my stomach was full but my mouth still craved the caressing smoky BBQ tones. Luckily though Southern Eleven's staff will box up what you cannot eat for you to take home (SCORE!)

Louis and I had planned to go and watch a film but as we waddled to the car it was soon clear that it would not be wise to sit in the dark with such full tummies. We rode home- groaning at the restriction of clothing, got home, went straight upstairs, lay on the bed and fell asleep. At 7.45pm.

Best. Date. Night. Ever.

No Drama xxx


  1. Great to see someone writing with such passion about something they love. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you Anon!! Please feel free to follow my blog to get regular updates

      Thank you for the lovely comment

      SamWise xx


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