Thursday, 23 August 2012


As a child and also as an adult I always wanted some sort of traditional, ceremonious passing down of an apron or a recipe book. Unfortunately in our family we didn't have that kind of thing. We had the passing down of my Grandma's welsh cake recipe but that's it.

I really wanted this for my children and their children, so I started to write a family recipe book. Filled with recipes that my father, mother, partner and I loved with space for my children to add their own.

I had obviously expressed these feelings with my family and they love the idea. Now my lovely Mother In Law had surprised me and took me yesterday to a beautiful little fabric shop in Prestwich called Ellie Magpie. They have reams of materials, thousands of buttons and they make stuffed animals, cushions, bunting, pin cushions, dresses - you name it.

For my Christmas present my MIL has commissioned the owner to make me my very own pinny to be passed down and I got to choose my material, what shape I wanted, how many pockets I wanted, the style, the flow of the pinny. Everything! I was so excited and overwhelmed its safe to say I took a while. The longest material to choose was the material for the trim- I opted for a pink with white polka dot trim.

I cannot wait for Christmas to see what my pinny is like so I can wear it with pride.

Do you have any family heirlooms, recipe books or kitchen tools?

No Drama xx

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