Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Great British Bake Off

It's that time of year again!!!! I don't know about you but last Tuesday I was at my lovely MILs and we had both completely forgotten that GBBO was returning triumphantly to our screens until it burst onto the TV. I squealed with delight- Julie (MIL) and I have a kind of ritual where we either watch it together or we'll text each other during. I don't watch a lot of television as I'm such a book worm but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Great British Bake Off. I absolutely ADORE Mary Berry, she's such a sweetheart and a personal idol of mine as the first recipe book my mum ever bought me was the 1997 "Mary Berry's Best Desserts". (pictured below) As you can see from the pictures it's been well used and is well loved as still used to this very day. I remember (and i'm sure my parents will remember the mess)making the chocolate mousse for my family and my mum providing me with small glasses as we didn't have any ramekins and I had no clue what a bloody ramekin was at 10 years old!

Mary Berry educated me I knew what Baklava was, I learned how to make my own ice cream, I spent a day scouring the garden for good looking leaves so I could make "chocolate leaves"(paint melted chocolate onto clean leaves and leave them to set then peel the leaf away), I learned different ways of decorating a pastry edge and I was always excited when my mum was making a pie and asked if I want to do the edging.

Looking at this book now there are a few recipes that I still haven't tried or i would like to do again. I'd like to make the chocolate mousse cake for Louis' birthday!

Most of my dessert recipes will have something from Mary Berry whether it's her coffee fudge icing, vanilla custard, praline sauce or brandy butter. They are always fitting and I will treasure this book for a long time.

Thanks mum xx

N.B I will be blogging soon about a Banana Bread experiment I will be doing. I have been given several different banana bread recipes and I'm going to find the perfect one.


  1. I love Mary Berry

  2. Me too! I find her so inspiring

  3. I love baking! But I don't think I could ever make a mousse that taste the way its supposed to! haha

    I found your blog on hellocotton!

    New Follower here!


    1. Hello Hannah!!

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I swear by this Mary Berry recipe, I've used a few others and find that this one works wonders. I will note to make some for a future blog to show just how brilliant her techniques and recipes are.

      SamWise xx


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