Monday, 13 February 2012

Cakes, cakes and more cakes!!!

Ok so anyone who knows me know that I love cake. I also love making cakes, it appeals to my scientific, creative side. I ADORE experimenting with different flavours.

Anyway... Family and friends are always asking for my cakes & I've had quite a few requests and orders so I've decided to take what I'm good at and run with it. I have decided to start a little cupcake business and see what happens!!

Now I had to come up with a name and well... It's been difficult... Until Louis came to me (there's a back story... Bear with me!!!)

Last year Louis and I went to a tattoo convention and got cupcake tattoos for the help for heroes charity (check out the cupcake club) my tattoos is very girly with a bow and Louis' is one with a moustache who we have lovingly named Monsieur Cupcake ad thus the name was born!!!!

So since French patisserie is a major influence and we're making cupcakes ... You got it... My little business is called Monsieur Cupcake (@monsieurcupcake)


Have a look at my batches of random and Valentines cupcakes

No Drama xxxx

Friday, 10 February 2012

My kitchen

A few people have asked me what my kitchen is like and what I use the most.

Well to be honest I'm not really a huge fan I my kitchen as I want to rip it out and make it my own but living in rented accommodation kinda restricts that sort of action.

I really love my cookery bookshelf. It's full of my recipe books, magazines and my kitchen journal(which I plan to pass down from generation to generation)
Its the fuel to my passion and gets me up to create new dishes and try new things.

I also love my shelves which are full of spices, utensils and random memorabilia.

Enjoy a peek into my kitchen

No drama xxx