Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Dream kitchen

Eugh! How horrid are some kitchens?? I mean, someone took the effort to put a particular kitchen in a house and it's offensive to every sense.

Ok, me and Louis are looking at buying a house, we're saving up, we're being sensible. We have a few things on the list that need ticking. 3 bedrooms(plan for children), nice area (not on a main road as current!), back garden (children and animals need to play!) but for my the deal is sealed with a great kitchen or great size for a kitchen.

A kitchen with potential.

That's all any cooking mad girl wants eh? I want to be one of those mums that teach my children to cook. The heart of my home is my kitchen. It's where my best memories are; where my father taught me how bake a cake, my sleeves rolled up and my Fireman Sam apron covered in flour eagerly awaiting to see if we had made "the best ever" & he always said I had every time even if it wasn't.

He even let me lick the buttercream off the spoon. I owe my love of cooking to my father. He showed me how to create something and sparked a passion in me for sharing creations with people you love.

Thanks dad.

No Drama xx

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