Saturday, 29 October 2011

Cow Lane Studios Grand Re-Opening

Woke up early, out of the house by 9, bought decorations, trays and extra storage boxes, get back and start to bake......

I managed to finish the wild garlic pinwheels in expert time, produced a secondary layer of chocolate cake and started making the Chinese five spice mushroom and noodle filo parcels- these took a while as they were quite fiddly! We packed everything and then quickly got ready before setting off to the studios with my crew. My crew consisted of Louis, Oscar (louis best friend) and Faye (my best friend)

We decorated the tables when we arrived and started the preparations for drinks, then everyone started to arrive....

I think we did pretty well! All the food got eaten I had plenty of compliments and quite alot of people asked for my card!! (I don't have a card- bloody wish I did in hind sight!) I just pointed everyone in the direction of this; my humble little blog.

The first thing we ran out of were the Chinese five spice mushroom and noodle filo parcels which my crew seemed pretty upset about as they were hoping for leftovers!

By 9 o'clock all the food had gone except for the cake which we didn't want to cut without someone from the studio cutting the first piece, however Jared insisted we cut it so Louis did the honour. I think the cake went faster than the filo parcels!

All in all I think we did very well, my crew worked hard and made me look professional.

My favourite moment of the night was when Faye whispered in my ear "I'm SO proud of you"

I'm happy.

No drama. Not even a little. Xxx

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  1. Brilliant job, you all made the event that bit better!


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