Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Recently Louis and I went to Ireland to visit some of his family they live in a place called Muff in Co. Donegal. Now if you ever go (or if you live nearby) I recommend going to a restaurant called "Mary Deeney's Bar and Restaurant", it's a cute little place situated on the main road between Derry and Moville and is an absolute delight to go to. It's a tradition styled thatched public house with an old threshing machine separating the bar and restaurant and the walls have local historical trinkets on them which are enchanting and adds to the cosy atmosphere along with a beautiful fire place.

Now on to the food. Oh. My. Word.

Louis ordered a fillet of Irish beef with smokey bacon mash, tobacco onions and a red wine and shallot jus. The beef was huge!! We were expecting a tiny tiny portion like we would usually get in England and Louis was delighted with the beast that adorned his plate. Obviously I had to have a taste and oh my the meat was tender, juicy and so so delicious (I should mention Louis likes his meat well done, so getting it to taste that good is no mean feat!!)

I had been craving garlic like mad so I ordered chicken and chorizo pasta which had in garlic, chilli, red onions, peppers and a dusting of parmesan, the pasta came with a garlic bread which had a warm salsa, slices of chorizo and cheese melted ontop. I'm telling you now I was in heaven there and then. I have never never had a dish so wonderfully balanced that I wanted to marry it. I have been trying to recreate this dish to it's glory in which I received it and I'm always slightly off... Maybe it was the atmosphere, maybe it was the produce or maybe I'm missing a secret ingredient. Either way if your planning a trip to Ireland drop in at Mary Deeney's and have the pasta for me.

No Drama.

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