Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Having dinner cooked for you

So.... Louis had the day off yesterday and decide to surprise me by cooking dinner for me! (believe me it came as a surprise as Lou has NEVER cooked an actual meal for me - unless your counting cheese toasties in the breville!)

So I waltz in home from a hard days work to a gorgeous aroma in the house which instantly makes my stomach rumble ( I was ravenous!!!) i found my partner hovering around the oven nervously. He had spent 3 hours cooking a beef casserole/goulash and was getting ready to dish it up with some mashed potato. The reason I call it a casserole/goulash is because he had followed a casserole recipe but started adding a dash of paprika and a pinch of chilli flakes and some tomato purée making it a hybrid - my inventive cooking style must be rubbing of on him!!!

Well I have to say he did a brilliant job the beef was so tender and beautiful and the sauce was hearty without being too heavy. Delicious!

A nice treat having dinner cooked for you- Louis might have to do it more often

No drama.

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